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As a nurse who has been living in Switzerland since 2009, he is passionate about cultural projects.


Portugal is for him a mystery that is revealed through discovery and which he seeks others to join him and explore together through the most diverse projects.

If engaging in a conversation, make sure you sit comfortably, as it can be long.


Originally from Alenquer in the wine region of Lisbon, Valter Pinteus is firmly rooted in the rich soil of this Portuguese region.


Inspired by his hotel management training in Switzerland and his passion for communication and entrepreneurship, he develops many projects in the region of the Vaud Riviera with the same spirit of adventure that has characterized the Lusitanians for centuries.


Originally from the region of Aveiro, the young Miguel Marques started the restaurant business in 1981. After having succeeded with the restaurants Stravaganza and Welcome in the agitated Lisbon life, it is in Switzerland that he finally settles down with restaurants Chez Miguel and La Goutte d'Eau in Aigle.


His taste for the craft and his perfectionism is expressed daily at his restaurant and is the result of his passion for Portuguese culture, cuisine of excellence and the art of hospitality that he will bring to you at the restaurant Saudade, the centerpiece of Portugal's presence at Montreux Noel 2017.



He comes from the city of the 7 hills and grows up looking at it from the other side of the Tagus.


As a health agent in his daily life, he is involved in culture and musical training throughout his free time. Responsible for a cultural association and curious by nature, he is an inveterate traveller, passionate about people and their diversities, led him to devote himself to participate in this Montreux Noel.